Our team of engineers used what they learned working with the CERN Large Hadron Collider to extract meaningful ad insights on over a billion events per day. Ions, meet clicks.


Kintura's proprietary on-demand global architecture is built on top of the fastest latency-optimized DNS network in the world. Our click redirect speed is unmatched.

Automated Optimization

Kintura will watch your landing and offer routes to optimize them in realtime based on actual performance.

Real-time Global

Campaign updates are reflected instantly across our global infrastructure; no more waiting, no more inconsistency.

No Click Lost

Our engineers are standing by to make sure not one redirect is lost. We take your traffic as serious as you do.

Seamless Redirect

Our lightning fast redirects are second to none with real-time internal performance and network health analysis.

Multiple Users

Highly granular access control allows campaign level permissions in your console to up to 30 individual users.

Non-stop Support

When our knowledge base fails our professional support staff has the experience to get you going with ease.

Plans & Pricing

Please contact a sales specialist for special enterprise pricing on accounts producing over ten million events per month.


  • 100,000 Events Per Month
  • 100 Report Credits
  • Single User Account
  • Custom Sub-domain
  • HTTP Only


$ 49 / month
  • 1,000,000 Events
  • 1,000 Report Credits
  • Single User Account
  • Custom Domain (tracker and console)
  • Instant SSL Certificate


$ 199 / month*
  • 10 Million Events
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Multiple Users/Privileges
  • Custom Domain (tracker and console)
  • Instant SSL Certificate

Ready In 4 Steps

Getting started with Kintura is easy. You can hop right onto the Kintura console immediately. If you have questions, our support reps are available 12 hours per day to help out.


Create an Account

Supply your new account information and select a subdomain, login email address and desired security scheme.


Select Plan

Choose the plan most appropriate for your level of traffic. You can change your plan at any time without delay.


Log In

Log into your instance using the security credentials as instructed in the official Kintura welcome email.


Create a Campaign

Begin using the Kintura console immediately. You can create sources, routes, landers and offers right away.

Your distributed global infrastructure awaits.

We've accomplished something amazing. A vibrant, living, real-time infrastructure able to take a beating when your traffic demands the most; a custom online analytics platform that can analyze a billion events in a twelve seconds; lightning fast filters, easy-to-understand campaign routing, and bulletproof redirects in tens of milliseconds, not hundreds!

Give Kintura a try and let us grow together; join a trusted partner who shares your goals in growth, trust, and peace of mind. We're doing something amazing here and we want you to come along for the ride.

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